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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Hawaii Miracle.

Dear Readers,

Life finally seems to take it easy on me. The tempest calmed down, and the sun started to glimmer across the sea. My prayer has been answered , and in the most unexpected way.

My Life has been so difficult lately, and I was seriously on my last pegs... Just ready to throw everything away and call it quits... but in the midst of all that, I remembered God. Why would he put me in this conditions... these damned situations. Why? Later on I realized it was all for my benefit. If God had blessed me sooner, would I have appreciated his works? Would I have second looked at an certain event and see it as a miracle?

Before, when I was going through difficulty, everything seemed like coincidences. Random events. But, going through hard times allowed me to see things in a different light.I Started to appreciate the little things I had in the past I took for granted. Cars I thought was cheap, and crappy was something that was out of reach now. No more bmws, or benz for me. But yet, I still rejoiced for the fact i had health and strength for the most part...

But through stress, and toils I started to lose my health and strength as well.
I couldn't sleep at night because of the worries of tomorrow. What shall I eat, how shall I proceed with this problem after the next problem.
What came after was fear. Would my life forevermore be like this? I was truly scared , and devastated .

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away I had a love one who was dying to meet me . A loved one who actually cared for me... Cried for me. Longed for me. And I too longed for her so dearly, but yet the measly things in life just kept us apart. You cannot fathom the frustration that came with that. Being so close, but unable to meet. Wanting to touch her skin, and hug her but cannot.
I kept judging myself , thinking why cannot I not even go see her... Why am I in this position of not affording the simplest of things. I was truly gone in my heart. I gave up.

Then a miracle happened. To others it might seem pathetic, and might not see it more then generosity. But, for me... it was nothing less of a miracle. A lady read my blog one day, and messaged me . I replied back with a common greeting ... which led to her wanting to support me going to Hawaii. I gladly accepted thinking it would be a modest contribution, some where along the line of 10-20 dollars. However, the next day I had just enough for a plane ticket...

I fell to my knees and prayed to God... Finally things are looking up... My life might have not changed conditionally, but this one event alone just gave me Hope! Hope, that in an instances things can change! Right now in the present things may look harsh, and it seems like it will never pass ... BUT IT DOES! It really does pass, and you see a new light! And this new light ... ladies and gentlemen is ... beautiful.

So to you, my miracle worker... Thank you. You were sent by God to get me back on my feet. A tool from God to make me walk in faith and Hope. I will never forget you and your help.
My love and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You helped me when I was at my lowest, so when I am at my greatest I will abundantly show you my gratitude.



  1. I've been through times when I worry and stress so much about things, and things that i have no control over or can't change. At 16, I began to become depressed about life and depression, worrying and stress affected my health, it's not healthy to have these feelings. I need to have peace not only in my life, but also my mind. And that's great that you can go to Hawaii to meet your gf lol. I want to say have a good time in Hawaii lol!!!

  2. that's sooo nice!! :D
    whoever helped you out has a heart of gold that's for sure...
    I'm reeeallyyy happy for you Tenchi! It was all a matter of time :)
    This is awesome! You better get packing, nov 10!!?? That's soon! lol How long do you plan on staying?
    Take Care <3

  3. Praise God! I'm so happy for you, Tenchi!! When I pray today, I will thank our Heavenly Father for sending you the miracle worker!!! Now we ALL feel better, because you're feeling well again!
    I'll pray that you have a safe trip there and enjoy yourself!!!!

  4. congratulations Tenchi, enjoy your Hawaii miracle, you've earned it. Glad your feeling better. We want to hear all about it when you get back, safe journey.

  5. OMG...that is so wonderful that God made it possible for you to unite with your girlfriend!!! And whomever it was that helped you is truly a God send. I know you are estatic :)

    I notice you were going through some troubling times. And it saddened me to see it. But sometimes I think that we are being tested. God already knows the desires of your heart. But it may not come in our own time but in his time. He knows when we are ready to handle it. So it's really good that you get it and recognize Gods blessing.So many people go their whole lives without being grateful for Gods beautiful blessings, even the smallest of blessings persay, like me not being able to find my car keys, for a minute but when I do find them I say(thank you Jesus)I give the glory to him.

    I'm really glad for you and your miracle! I'm hoping things work out for you both. Remember treat eachother with respect, and lookout for eachothers best interest. If not you're going to hear it from me lol.

  6. WoW! I'm so happy for you! There aren't enough words to describe how happy I am for you! Love...it's a beautiful thing. Go get your love, boy! ^_^

  7. Boy oh Boy God is good..
    Its so great when he works through people
    and his love for us does shine.
    I salute this person ..aka miracle worker
    for their kindness,
    and for you,
    I wish you all the best..
    Have a great trip.

  8. Congratz! At least your dreams had came true. And yes, God is good. I'm proud of you and thank God for your miracle worker. That's what you call a person who is kind and giving to others. Have fun!

  9. Hello my name is Sara. I come from Belgium. Today I discovered your videos on youtube and your blog. And I read your article about Satan and all that come with and your article about you being unable to see your girl and going through a miracle.

    You can’t even imagine what I felt when I read that, my eyes were getting wet. I was about to cry and I did cry because this is the reality of how is our God. He will never let his children alone, or without a solution. And he will come with solution or response in ways that you would never though he would have.

    I just wanted to tell you that what you said really touched me. You know, I find amazing to discover people on internet, people you don’t know, people you never gonna see and to feel connected with them because we are connected because we believe in the same God who is Jesus Christ. I really find it amazing. And the amazing thing is that God gave me the answers to a question and a request I asked him. Through your videos. So this is amazing ^^

    Just wanted to tell you that. Keep going, I prayed for you, really, I couldn’t just watch and read all this and just go to bed like that. I had to thanks God for putting you in my way. So thanks a lot. God bless you, stick to God he is the best thing that can happen in our lives. He will never betray us !

    By the way I love the song Canon. Keep listen to it, it been like more than a hour ^^
    I don’t know you but you seem to be a good person so don’t change and keep thinking the way you do. Love it :p

    P.S: Excuse my english ^^

    So bye and take care of you and keep believe in God.

  10. that is awesome! I had that very vision regarding your situation! just didn't know how that would happen as I certainly didn't have the funds. That's so wonderful she did that for you love! And I'm so glad she was faithful as this is proof to me that not only does GOD hear our prayer's, he provides unique ways to make them Oneofakind! As the bible says, "when 2 come together in my name......"