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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily Bread 2

Dear Readers,

Still here? I'm glad :) . I was having an conversation with some former military buddies, and the "don't ask don't tell " issue came up. For those who are unfamiliar with it- it is a law that states gays are not allowed in the military. If you happened to be gay, you need to keep it a secret, or else the law will take into effect.

I remember making a video a while back about this. However, I feel I need to clarify things with words. If someone asked me if I was against gays, I would say no, but I have my reasons why.

Many Christians would point that it is a sin. How dreadful is the bickering of sin, sin , and more sin. Sin is an disconnection from God... not necessarily an action. For example, Adam and eve. Most people think eating the apple it self is sin, but if you read the book of genesis more thoroughly, you would catch onto some things.

Eve, gazed upon the tree and thought it looked Good to eat. Sure, that sound harmless in itself... but you have to realize something. God told Eve , and of course Adam, that if you eat of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, ye shall surely die. He didn't say, you will maybe die, or kinda die... you will surely die. Now, IF, Eve really had a connection with God, or had TRUST in God. And if she then looked unto the fruit, it would look like a DEATH fruit.

Lets say, I'm a father . I have a son. Tenchi Jr. I tell him, son don't ever eat this apple . It's filled with rat poison, and it will kill you! If My sons trusted me, would that apple even look good to eat? Knowing that fruit will kill him? or has rat poison in it? No right?

A better example... Lets say I have an ice-cream... And my daughter wants to eat it so badly. But I tell her, a giant bird took a big doo doo on it. If she trusted my words, would she look at this ice cream and think... MMMM~~ No, she would be like YUCK!

However, if my daughter didn't trust me... she thinks i'm stupid, or thinks i'm not serious, or just plain old lame papa... she would think what? There is no doo doo in that ice cream.. pfft, what does he know... it looks good to me . "it looks good to me~"

Thats what essentially happened between Adam,eve and God. Disconnection. Thus led to the Action of the sin, but sin enter before all that... sin entered the moment there was doubt in Eves heart.

Now, with a more clear understanding of Sin. Who is right in front of our God? The gay man? the straight man? We've all been disconnected by God through those two individuals... Only through Christ are we connected again. So once again, we as human beings have no right to judge . We were all shapened in sin, and saved all together into righteousness through the mercy, and grace of God.

The reason why people can judge another, is because they never truly took a look at themselves. When I looked deep inside my heart, I had no room to judge . I was so Flawed , and wicked, and evil in so many ways... without Jesus in my heart, it would just be a desolate wasteland...

And because I saw myself... how can I dare judge another? How can I say stop living the way you do! When I my self can't change the way I am.

But, something that needs to be mentioned is this. Whether you are gay or straight God does not care. He TRULY does not care about your sexual orientation. We are ALL FLAWED. EVERYONE of us. However, we all need to have faith in our lord Christ.. who washed away our sins completely. I have no idea if your life style would change in Christ.. whether you turn straight or not... Honestly, some say they can change in Christ... some stay the same, but they still have faith in Christ.

I know some born again gay people, and they are very bold in their faith. Which is awesome. They say, I know being gay is a sin. but, Jesus washed those away too. I have no reason to feel condemned, because Jesus had mercy on me. Some Christians might take that and say, WHAT? But, that is faith beyond faith. To throw away your guilt, because of the faith in Christ is an amazing faith. He refused to see himself as he sees himself, but saw himself through Christ.

overall, the convo I had with those military friends didn't end well... but I'm really Glad, God has allowed my heart be free from judging them. Because, we have ALL fallen short of the Glory of God, and we ALL have been made Holy/righteous through the Faith in Christ. Whatever your orientation. That - is the mercy that our Lord gives unto us. if you have time to protest, GO WITNESS THE GOSPEL INSTEAD.



  1. I like your message:)ummm...there is two opposing sides on this issue between christians. I know this person we are both proclaimed christians. They on one hand states that gays will not enter into the kingdom of heaven if they don't change their ways. Me on the other hand totally disagree (it's so funny how even christians can be divided) but I can't sit there and say who gets to go to heaven and who doesn't, I cannot...I told them that how could you judge them for something they probably can't help it's not fair, maybe they were born that way I don't know and if they were that would be so wrong and unfair. But her argument was no, it's a learned behavior and it can be overcome. So mainly people are going to believe what they want to believe, unless they really take a good long hard look at themselves. And open their hearts and minds to what Christ is really about like you said.

    Tenchi, I'm confused about something...isn't judging a paradox? Aren't we all guilty of judging in one form or another. Two examples: one could be as petty as saying I don't like the way that person dresses, or wear their hair. Second example: I don't like the fact that they go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday so they aren't my kind of people. So what I'm trying to say is...are they both considered judging?

  2. Is being gay a sin, yes. but its like this... In basketball, 2 points is 2 point. You can do a crazy spin around, put the ball under your legs... but the points are the same. That's pretty much the same crap... some people sin more then others, but just cuz you have less sin doesn't mean you enter Heaven. YOu need to be 100% clean of sin... but no human being can do that. Only Jesus... so whether your gay, or straight, both are sinful without Jesus.

  3. Is not speaking up to be taken as condoning something.. in fair of being judgemental ...
    If I do speak up am I being hypercritical
    since we have all sinned...
    If I have sinned a sin will I say I have faith God will forgive me...
    because God knows why I have committed the sin.
    If I say my sexual preference is towards animals
    Can I say dont judge me..God will forgive me?
    Since no sin is above the other
    Should we condone all sin then ..because we dont want to be judgemental..
    If we speak against murderers ,rapists,pedophiles..
    should we speak against gays then
    Or is sin on different levels
    If we are sinning wouldnt/shouldn't someone point it out to us
    without our response being "how dare you ,you;re no better than me"
    NO one has the right to want to demoralize, stigmatize or dehumanize a gay person.

  4. Explain how you are different from a murderer, rapist, or pedophiles from Gods perspective. What can you possibly put to the table and say Lord I'm not like these other people. Because...

    We may not do the actions, but in our hearts we commit heinous crimes . We may not see it, but He does...

    Now, there is nothing we can say to change someone, what power do we have? But, if you preach the Gospel.. and if they accept, jesus changes them. SO once again, we need no judgmental heart, just a loving heart. God does all the judging.

  5. I think we all judge one another, I can't stand the "who are you to judge me" thing. I am just a human being; therefore I have the right to judge you. I have the right to judge anybody and anything I want just like you do too. I have the right to an opinion about everything; I have the right to find something right or wrong. It doesn't necessarily mean that I'm right but it's my judgment and there's nothing wrong in this! It's the condemnation that sometimes lays in the judgment that is wrong, only the condemnation not the judgment. For example someone can judge your work, your results or anything else as really good and reward you for it. It's a judgment, not a condemnation. So I do think there is nothing wrong in judging other people's behavior, I just have to be careful not to condemn, by the way I am myself condemned except through Christ

    I admit the gay issue in Christianity is something that confuses me. I understand what you said Tenchi Jk, and am thankful for you sharing your point of view because I never thought of it this way, I mean, remembering that God only sees you righteous through Christ and not through your human behavior so it includes being gay or not. But at the same time it is clearly expressed that homosexuality is not from God and therefore a sin, it's what I understand from the scriptures. I feel uncomfortable hearing it doesn't matter that much. We are surrounded by people explaining how natural and beautiful it is because it's just love. If I have a child I wouldn't want him or her to be taught this because it is not what the bible says. It's not said to be natural, nor just another way of loving, it is simply a sin. I don't know… just because God forgives and forgets through Christ, you will live a life of purposely free guilt sin? I guess some people just can't help it. I insist on SOME because I met people who turned gay just to try or because they were hurt so not all gay were "born" like this, and what about the bisexuals, the transsexuals... What can they do? Continue loving the way they can and that's it? And if they don't want to get comfortable in their sin, they will have to fight all their life against their nature? Is it really not such a big issue?

    I really don't know what to think, I definitely don't want to follow the mainstream ideas just because they're popular, and question my faith just because it's not, and at the same time I don't like when gay people are constantly humiliated and hurt and condemned in church.
    I will never condemn them because I sin too (too much by the way lol) but this type of sin really confuses me.

    PS: sorry for the bad grammar/spelling, I am practicing eng since recently.

  6. superrachou - See.. but there is where hypocrisy lies.. if Being gay is not from God thus a sin, what else didn't come from God but is a Sin. Why make one sin higher then another sin?

    If you even look at your brother and hate him, it is the same as murder. Covet , wanting something that doesn't belong to you, is stealing. Lusting over someone, thinking of wanting someone sexually, is adultery.

    We do this everyday... yet we still say to our brother, YOUR SIN is greater then mine. Thus the saying from Jesus, You have a lumber in your eyes, but you judge about the dust in your brother's eye.

    If you seriously take a moment and think about yourself , you will realize.. "sure.. I'm human, and I can judge... but that judgment will come ten fold unto me!"...If God was to judge you, he has SO much to judge. So much flaws, and errors we have... that judging another is ridiculous. Almost embarrassing.

    Its like you have a giant mole on your face, but you tell the whole world how your friend has a slightly bigger mole on her face... Then say, "hey well, its true... she has a big mole on her face , and its ugly! " Other people will say... okay... but what about your mole? that shits pretty nasty too.. "well, what about my mole? it's okay to me... stop looking at mine, look at that bigger mole! "

  7. Hmmm..there's a lot in this post to think about. Recently, I was talking about "dadt." A guy I know actually was kicked out of the military because he told and unfortunately the word got around. I thought this was so ridiculous because he seemed really passionate about serving for his country. Really, why fire a soldier because of his personal life if it's not affecting other people in a negative way? I think the logic behind dadt is flawed.

    Tangent but I wanted to know your thoughts on this: Speaking of logic, a lot of times we determine what is right or wrong based on our religious beliefs. I wonder though if we used more logic as well in our reasoning if that would make it easier to find the flaws within ourselves. (just thinking in terms of Socrates, etc. lol)

    On another note, I definitely agree that sin is sin. It doesn't matter if someone thinks someone else's sin is greater or not. It's about your personal spiritual relationship. I'm also learning this more and more. Some peoples' sin seems more apparent, but I agree we all have sin internally.. our hearts and minds. It challenging to to work on our personal spirituality and I think this is why we choose to judge other people than ourselves. It's easier to do that in the short term, but I think that if we try to better ourselves as individuals things fall into place. It's an easy thing to say, but it's hard a lot of times to put into action. I caught myself the other day getting really upset after an argument I had with someone I care about. After a while, I thought all this bad energy I had inside showed me I still had a lot to work on. My heart wasn't right. Anyway, I guess we are continuous work in progress if we allow ourselves to be.

  8. @ tenket I do agree in what you are saying.

    Now the DADT policy... It's a sticky issue.
    Because, 1. it does interfere with proper training. For example in Boot camp.

    Does the gay male take showers with other straight male or do they get there own shower time. I mean, it sound ridiculous , but you have to see it in the perspective of others as well.

    For example, when I was in the Airforce.. there was a gay guy in our flight. He didn't come out and say it, but it was .. kinda obvious. Trust me, like Overly obvious.

    There were many guys who wouldn't go in the shower because of him... It may be out of ignorance, but I completely understand how it could be very uncomfortable.

    i'm sure most of the issues boil down to religion . But , there are other issues that interfere with professionalism in the military.If those things can be managed, and some compromises be met, it wouldn't be that big of a problem.

    But the main issue is when there is no compromise... and the gay individuals take offense to why things are the way they are. For change to occur, I think Gay people need to first accept the fact it is the way it was , and it isn't going to change by complaining ... there needs some real compromises on both sides to make it work.

    I personally think the only way The american government will allow Gays in the military is if they make a gay only flight. But, the problem comes with "segregation". Why are we treated differently type stuff. But, like I said, some compromises must be met.

    This isn't like "Glory" where there is a colored only squadron, its a bit more complicating then that. BY having a gay only flight, it might be embarrassing at first, and probably picked on. But, that why over time they can earn respect... and become a real squad/ flight.

    Now, if they just allow Gays in the military, some would be fine with me .. For example, I wouldn't really give a shit if he is in my flight. BUT... not everyone is understanding, or forgiving.. and trust me, they will get hazed, and beaten up. For the safety of both parties i think there needs some real compromise.

  9. WOW!!!! thats how i thought about it too. thats why im against homophobia because if u're homophobic that ur still sinning like the people you hate and no sin is greater than another sin. so if u say they're goin to hell for being gay ur goin to hell for hating too.

  10. My dad is kind of a homophobic, but the scary thing is that he's also a pastor and i have changed in these past few months, i couldn't go on about how much it is wrong, but it only lead me into depression, i didn't want to feel that way its not Christian like at all. Your the only one i have seen/read who is actually full of the spirit, I'm not smart at all i have trouble, i guess responding in.. How can i tell him?