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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why i like cats.

Oh hai there~
Box muncher , ahaha~ this is such a cute cat.. Look at it's freakin eyeeesss! ahhh ... I how the mouth area is all :3!!!

me like chokolate... mew mew.. mai tail looks like choko! meowww! nom nom nom~

yea okay, enough cats for now ahah~

Dear readers,

Do you know why I like cats? You wouldn't have guessed but I used to HATTTTTE cats. I was one of those kids that used to get annoyed with anything catish... I just liked Dogs, and puppies and shit like that. But it all changed ,and I know why. It isn't because they are cute, or adorable looking.. because back then, even the cutest kitteh didn't phase me.. just eh~

But there was this girl I used to like. Typical TenchiJk drama ahha, but foreals. I was like in kid love with her. There were several girls at the time who were interested me ... but her... she NEVER liked me. She always looked at me with disgust, like she knew I was an arrogant prick or something. ( I was >.< ) And because she was so .. hard to get in a sense, my WHOLE attention went to her... needless to say, I didn't get much attention back. Damn whorrree!! Jkjk .. So I gave up, and just pursued my dating career elsewhere, where the waters were more friendly and not shark infested. However, these sixes(barracudas) weren't doing me any justice... I wanted that KILLER WHALE(8ish), SHAMU up in this bitchhhh.. So my attention kinda went back to her..

Like always she wouldn't give me the time of day... But one day, as I was stalking the shit outta her.. I found out, You guessed it, she LOVES CATS. Ahahah... and so I started to try to get into it myself.. to kinda, i dunno ... LURE her? Maybe i'd have something to say ? But you can't force someone to like something you know? And true to that testament, i really couldn't like cats... It was forced.

But one day, I overheard her talking to one of her friends, Cause i'm a stalking bastard ahah. And I overheard her saying that I reminded her of one of her cats. Bam~ I realized, OHHH SHIET~~ she might actually like me then? she likes cats,she thinks cats are cute, I am this cat, thus I am cute and she likes me!?

Later I found out her cat LOOKED UGLY AS SHID.

This cat rah here lol.

Long story short... I ended up getting mad at her. We were KINDA friends.. you know the kind were you just say hi once in a while. Have a little chit chat now and again.. but it gets too awkward so we don't say much. One of THOSE. So I got frustrated , or mad at her ... and I just blew up at her face. Saying my complaints, which now that I think about it was all because I liked her ahahha, silly me.

I ended up confessing how I really felt, and etc etc .. and after a lonnnnng awkward silence, and My eyes hopefully gazing upon her face.
She told me , she thought I was cute and liked me in a way, but I reminded her too much like her brother ... who passed away. eee.. I was like ouch. But did that stop me? no way~ I kept pushing it, while giving her a bit of space..of course, like a gentleman *tips hat* and then I asked her out. I had a happy 2 year with her... and Her dad moved her away to germany.. and never got to see her again.

But, the love for Cats some how remained... It's not necessarily because it reminds me of her, but I understand why people like them so much now. They ARE cute, and freakin Adorable... So I just wanted to tell you all a short, but relevant story to why I like cats :). Meow meow!




  1. I see how it always takes something in life to change our perspective of things
    I must say then ,for this time I don't like cats
    I use to have at least 7 at a time and they
    would all die or just run off as they got older.
    So I did'nt have much contact with one for a long time.
    So when I see them now they freak me out..
    how they look at u an d slowly rub up on your leg..yuk.
    Plus they have worms coming out the you know what..
    But a stuffed cat no prob..
    Meow Meow..!

  2. BAHAHAHAHA!!! o goodness what kind of...PERSON were you back then? lol XD
    Dam! stalker, player, kitten hater/lover all in one! LOL!
    But I've always liked cats AND dogs! perferably kittens and puppies though. But everyone likes either one and never both for whatever reasons ahaha
    and the "i hate everything cat" is CUTE! LOL
    as are the rest!
    meow meow meOW!! :3

  3. I used to hate cats. To me, they were like the devil's pet with snakes just because they're not loyal like dogs and kinda look like there possessed but I only like cats when they're kitties when they grow, I just think they're butt ugly. Tenchi man, you really had a thing for girls. At least you know you're not gay lol

  4. eh, cat can be cute,....BUT uh Dogs ALWAYS ALWAYS kick cats azzez in cute-ness. Just gotta say.. :)....But I also gotta say...
    THAT i hate everything was so CUTE (in a creepy way). He makes me want to pet it.

  5. A lot of people don't like cats. I don't get that... I know a lot of people that are creeped out by them. I myself think they are fascinating and smart creatures. I know everytime I make toast, my cat will sit in front of the toaster waiting for the toast to pop up. If that's not smart I don't know what is lol. And how they can jump on top of the fridge, I think that's fascinating to me. But I wish kittens could stay kittens forever, they are just too cute and adorable :)