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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ambw drama

Dear Reader,

So much freakin drama over this crap... So exhausting eh?well for me anyway .

You know , i'ma speak my mind honestly here. If you get offended so be it. I feel Black woman got it really bad... not because of the media, but because of certain diseased black women. I might be too bold to say this of course, but over the time As I observed black women... I saw many who tried to get back up, and move as a whole unit. I saw many who were hurt because of the media, and in their negative experiences. However, Many, probably 80% of them stood their ground and they praised God that they were still Blessed. They had hope things will be better, and things will definitely change one day. AND IT WILL.

But! There is SOOOO many within the Bw community that just KILLSSSSS it for the rest of them. It's like they are playing tug of war... and all the beautiful, strong and willing black women are pulling there hardest. They have there feet in the ground, hands blistering ,and sweating. And these negative ass black women just standing there, complaining at the black women saying why you even trying? we ain't even gonna win, why try? Your nothing to them and you know it! You think they will give u the time of day?! Just bickkkering motherfuckers!

It breaks my heart to see these good black women who just ignore the haters, and they look towards the sky, sighing , wishing they would get support. But there are haters on the opposing side who is talking shit also . So in a sense, there hearing shit from BOTH sides. From black women and the enemy (who ever it may be) .

And as I see this happening, I get sooooo fuckin fustratedd! Thats why I spend hours and hours a day replying to all these negative ass black women. They say the WOOOOORSSTTTT shit. AND I told you guys before that shit was happening... But you know what y'all told me then? NO~ they are just white guys pretending to be Bw, or they are angry bm etc etc.. NO THEY WEREN'T. I knew from the start they were angry bw, but I kept it to myself.. and defended you guys till my fuckin fingers bled.

I had so much arguments with my ex gf because I would spend all my time on youtube replying to negative people. Here is the thing ladies and gentleman.. IF they were saying SHIT TO ME? I would pass it by like it ain't no thang. But, they are talking SHIT about MY Fans and subscribers. Saying shit about the good black women in my site. And you know how fuckin frustrating that is?!!!! Take Rahni Oates for a second, shes the greatest Black women I've ever met in my life. Shes a bit older then most, but she has so much class and poise and she just blows my mind away with her aura. But! these negative ass Mofos talking SHIT about her, Not only her but PLENNNTY of others who are just so positive , and energetic.

There are many times where I would try to ignore it, but it would EAT AT ME. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY ABOUT HER, OR HER?! WHAT ABOUT YOU!? WTF DID YOU EVER DO FOR THE COMMUNITY!? And just one after another... and I would just lose my damn mind!


I talk to many of my fans on facebook, and I talk to them daily. Many are hurt not from other men, but from OTHER black women, or black men. It's so cruel to see ! It's like these wonderful bw are building a beautiful tower made of gold for the world to see, but these damn trolls , negative ass bitches , just tear it down. I think it's because they know they've done NOTHING for the community, and they KNOW they won't GET SHIT in return. And they don't DESERVE shit. and thats a FACT.

I know most of my black female fans KNOW how much I care for all of you. I've shown it many times not through youtube, but through my actions via facebook, blogtv , blogs etc etc. I often try to show and tell you guys how I really feel. But damnit, my life hasn't been so damn good lately!
I've been going through a lot of hard times! Thus looking towards God more... but people are so selfish to tend to there own needs, and they turn a blind eye to my problems. Like I'm not even human so I don't feel pain like the rest of them... Pleaseee, I'm going through hell and back these days.

you know that girl friend people are trippin about?!

I've NEVER met my girlfriend YET! I've been dating her for 8 months.. and I've never met her in real life... CUZ I can't even make the gatdamn money to go see her. TRUST ME, i want to see her sooo bad. Makes me want to cry my eyes out.. how pathetic my life has become that I can't even make the funds to see her. People don't even realize how difficult my relationship is with my gf now, but they are so busy saying, "oh... shes not black... he doesn't practice what he preaches.. what a douche-bag... I knew he was a phony... he doesn't really care... he never cared for black women ... he , he , he" MOTHERFUCKER! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I SPENT ONLINE FIGHTING FOR YOU ! Let me please try just live my life ... PLEASSSSSEEE ... I BEG YOU !! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I want to give you a virtual hug, Tenchi! Please accept it! ({})

  2. Hi

    Dont know how much this will help. I could feel your frustration,sincerity and just how pissed this drama has made you. I found you quite by accident yet I enjoyed your take on things. As a 'Black" woman I found your thoughts on racism very interesting, considering you could just 'assimilate' ( or try to, until well you are told you are not white) but thats do to the mess the world is in.
    Speaking as one Black woman and for myself..thanks for taking it to heart, however TenchiJK...let it go. People are people, it doesnt matter the ethnicity. Also the times we live in, people are mean and getting meaner, have no thought or consideration for others, and well are like the crabs in the barrel.
    I dont know what all mess was heaped on you, I'm sorry for that, but keep your head up and keep that great heart you have in tact! I for one appreciate it!
    oh! one thing....The Lord is calling you to make some choices in your life...you know this, take some time just you and Him, ask Him the questions and let Him speak to you. I bet one thing He will say is to let it all go,just take responsibility for YOUR part and let the rest go...then give it to HIM.
    This is getting long, I hope you will read it. Should you need/want to
    contact me I have open ears and a closed mouth AND I do think you're cute but you are waaaaay to young for me....*smile*
    Take care and no you are in my prayers and I think you are a special person.
    God bless!

    Loretta ( Chestener Gorden-Rice/facebook)

    1. You are so positive!! As i'm sitting here reading about this I can not help but think that letting go is the best way. (I am a Black woman btw :) Having anger is like letting that person have control over you. Trust that there is nothing more irritating to a ignorant person than someone being nice to them or ignoring them. God loves all people (purple, green, gays, old, chubby, skinny lol! I guess as a nursing student I deal with this "negativity" and I say "have a great day and god bless you" (we have a little saying in nursing and it goes "treat them bigger than they act and they will act better than who they are" SO TRUE! :) God bless

  3. Yup, like you said in one of the AM/BW videos, it's those bad apples and you know what sucks, it's really a minority but a very loud one. We're all individuals and we'd like to be treated as so just like any other human being and we try not to hold a chip on our shoulders but damn it's hard to not want to seperate yourself from being ¨one of them (meaning the nasty ass apples)¨ because they leave such a bad taste in people's mouth that it's so hard to wash off. It's really tiring to be honest, to have to prove yourself and present your worth over and over again and just be seen as an individual rather than a group. As a Canadian, I remember when I lived in Florida two years ago during high school being thrown these horrible comments about how I was ¨different¨ because I spoke eloquently, I spoke French or the ever so great ¨oh you're so pretty and nice for a black girl¨.I never got shit like that back home but when I got to Florida, damn I finally understood the concept of prejudgment and ignorance. Anyways, I won't go on but I can see why you and so many other people feel like this. I guess we just have to go on and trust in God that things will get better because really, that's all there is at this point :/

  4. Oh and don't even break a sweat for those women. I think at this point, the best thing to do is not even reply and I think your decision to get off youtube was a good thing. I think people take the internet, youtube, computer waaayy to seriously and should get off it because it's making them trip really badly it's kinda scary :/

  5. I want you to go see your girlfriend and I really want to help to make that happen for you. So stay tune....aja aja FIGHTING!!

  6. I hope you get to see your girlfriend soon. Don't worry about the stupid people bad mouthing you and all the negativity. I am a Black women living in South Korea doing my dream job of teaching. If I listed to all the negativity from what I have heard or read in person or on the internet, I would not have even came. I am finding out first hand how Asian men view black women here, especially ones with their hair natural, and I find all the negative stuff is not true. I get checked out here a lot.I came here thinking I wouldn't even get a second glance and it is quite the opposite and I am not skinny either (I am losing weight but my curves aren't going anywhere).

    Thanks for all your support for black women. You videos had helped me in my decision to go ahead and do what I wanted to do and not worry so much.

  7. omgee hi tenchiiiii
    since when did you start updating this because a month ago or so i kept checking but nope nothing new o.o;

    i totally know how it feels with the long distance relationship ..just think how great the moment will be when you finally get to see her even if its just one day (: x
    and f those haters.. >.>

  8. I have gone through that as well when I was in middle and high school. I was bullied by mostly black females who tried to do everything to bring my confidence and esteem down. It worked, believe me, and I had tried so many times to attempt suicide but...I didn't go through it. My life is too precious to let those fools get the upper hand.

    Here's the thing Tenchi, the reason why some negative bw are so negative towards that positive bw is because they want the positive bw have. Since these negative bw feel as though they would never accomplish anything, they will call the positive ones acting or being white or a traitor. Let's get real, the positive ones have their moments but they know when to turn that crap off when they are in the workforce or any other places. I am one of them.

    I still feel as though, since I'm 24, that I am going through same thing like I did in public school, but this time it's in college and these bw are grown ass like 34 to 49 year old black women. But, I don't give a care at all. I guess they still have that mentality of you don't have the right outfit, hair, or what not so...you're not in the club. WHO WANTS TO BE IN YOUR DAMN CLUB ANYWAY AND AT LEAST GOD CARES ABOUT THE UNFORTUNATE! LOL! I simply ignore them and concentrate on my schooling.

    I am so sick to know that just because you're not dating a black woman, you don't practice what you preach. YOU DO! You don't HAVE TO date a black girl just to prove a point. You practice what you preach by standing behind us 100% and that's an action to be blessed for anyway and if these haters can't see that Tenchi, then they're not your true fans anyway.

    Finally, I know what it's like to have a long distance relationship in your case. I emailed you about it. It's tough, but I hope you and gf make it through because I pray that oneday, you guys will meet a live happily ever after.

    Keep your head up Tenchi! We all love you!

  9. I love the comment above. Lol, haters will always be haters. Us strong black women will always be strong no matter what. Face challenges and conquering them is just what we do. It's so great to have you behind us 100%, so don't be discouraged just encouraged by the goodness of the Lord. Pray and pray. God has something special planned for you. Your too much of an awesome guy to let these people get you down. Lively up yourself!! So Bob Marley says and don't let them get you down.

    Love ya!!!!

  10. Tenchi,
    I agree with everyone else when I say THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for defending us positive Black women, because yes, it gets very hard with all the negativity from other Black women...I get the most trouble from my own family most times...my aunts, cousins, and even MY MOTHER! It's terrible, but because of people like you, we can get back up when the knock us down.
    But as a concerned fan, please try to focus more on your own life, because we don't want you to worry yourself sick (I've done it and it was the worst.) We'll be praying for you and your girlfriend (who I believe wants to see you just as badly.)
    Much love, and Fighting! <3

  11. Man oh man I really hate to see these "people" on the internet take a tole on people like you Tenchi! Because I know and you should know that they DO NOT have the dam balls to say some of that shit to your FACE!
    These insane black women that have escaped out of the asylum and others that talk so much crap about us positive black women are too absorbed in themselves. They're not getting the BIG PICTURE and that's just disheartening...
    Thank you so much for having a voice tenchi! For speaking out about how you REALLY FEEL!!Society needs more people like you in this world it really does. I REALLY appreciate people like you! And i KNOW that God will see that you and your gf will see each other....SOON (^_^) Take care Tenchi and again, thank you <3

  12. Dear Tenchijk,

    Annyong Haseyo! I am ancient with technology so forgive me. I just joined your site. I had to comment because i feel bad that you are going through all this senseless drama! This is your life! I am a BW and I appreciate the positive things you had to say about BW. Whom you chose to date is YOUR business!! I am sorry you are having to go through this. I pray that God fill you heart with strength, peace and abundance in finance to see your GF. You cannot please everybody. Just be the person God has sent you here to be.

    God Bless (forgive me if there are misspellings)

  13. I making a video for you okay. Check it out! I'll remember to tell you when I post it kay! :)
    In the mean time feel better and give the weight of your troubled mind to God.
    Much Love

  14. Tenchi don't focus on the negative things that people say to you they just want to get a rise out of you... don't let them. I think you are a strong trooper because I don't see how you do it. Alot of people whould have probably given up a long time ago. So I do appreciate you giving us your time and sharing your life with us. You are a true gem :*)

    Personally the way I feel about interacial couples. It's the most beautiful thing in the world to me. No one should be trippin about what race you choose to be with. I feel the heart knows no color and it's mighty petty for people to be thinking that you should be with someone black because that's who they think you should be with, that's awfully closed minded, and it's not their call, it's yours.

    My sister married a white guy, and I didn't have an issue with it at all and we welcomed him with open arms, they have a beautiful son which they love dearly. And I'm sure God is pleased with that union. I can't imagine him sitting up there saying what a disgrace this should not be. Only mere humans do that. And so what I'm trying to say is heart recognizes heart and go with your heart :*)

    And I will be praying for you that God sends you a financial blessing.

  15. Tenchi, just know that your black female fans such as myself aren't all giving up on you and think you're some sort of backstabber. idk where all the hate is coming from myself. on my channel i got it BAD! tons of random assholes commenting my AGBG videos with so much bull it's ridiculous! some claim they're white men, others idek but it won't stop me from believing in the beauty of interracial relationships such as Asian men and Black women. You just keep God in your thoughts as you have been and keep your head up. I'll be doing the same. Hope you and your gf stay strong throughout all of this.

    Oh yeah I finally added you on fb :D

  16. Wow Tenchi! I haven't been on your blog in a while and it upsets me that you have to deal with all this crap:( You already know this, but you definitely have some 'true' people in your life who will support you. You've touched a lot of lives so don't let this get you down too long I pray. Remember to live YOUR life. You can only help or defend others but so much. The rest is up to them. This is just an assumption, but you seem like a person who cares a lot about others and is willing to put their feelings over your own. You just have to keep in mind that you have to take care of yourself too. While you may want to give a lot of love to others, don't let your heart get torn down. I hope things are looking brighter:) God bless!!!

  17. Dealing with offensives is a hard thing to have to deal with,
    In life we must make our own dependant decisions
    about the kind of life we must live..
    or else we simply react to the way other people treat us
    In the latter case we turn the direction over to someone else and
    allow them to determine the kind of person we should be.
    This is a story I heard..
    There was a man name Philip who was walking along a street with a friend
    It so happened that someone that didn't like Phlip was watching him approach
    from an overhead window.
    As the two passed by he threw a bucket of water on Philip.
    Without the slightest reaction to the outrage ,Philip continued
    his conversation as though nothing had happened at all.
    His friend stopped and wanted to help him find and punish this man
    Philip quietly replied that no one had done him any wrong.
    The friend was amazed,"But the man threw water all over you.You are
    soaking wet". "No" replied Philip "You are mistaken".He did not throw
    any water on me .He threw it on the man he thought I was.

  18. I know what you you mean, but our struggles build our strength. So exhale Tenchi, we as black women know the score. Yet, we thank you for being our digital knight in shining armor, a friend and at times therapist :). I think this is the best quote I've seen in a long time and it fits the situation well:

    "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

    -Friedrich Nietzsche

  19. Preach brother! Preach! As a black women going to college, and soon to go to medical school. I get so much hate from my own race than I do with other races! Its ridiculous! But I have an amazing family and they are my constant motivation.

    For you I would just ignore the ignorant comments. It is not worth your time, because no matter what you do, people will always have some negative crap to say. And they dont care that you are wasting your entire day and messing up your mood to respond to that stupid stuff.

    So keep your head up and getting speaking your mind! and Congrats on your girlfriend! i'm keeping you guys in my prayers!


  21. I never saw this. And even though it was a few months ago and you posted something about this on Facebook. Reading this, honestly and seriously made me cry. I feel bad, even though I wasn't one of the people that criticized you for not dating a black women, I still feel bad. Who cares if she's not black? It doesn't matter, because you have like you said stuck up for black women no matter what. With people like you Tenchi, this tug-of-war battle doesn't even matter because good and intelligent black women have something, someone, to look to for comfort.

    AHHHH I'm sooooooo sorry, so so so so sorry.

  22. Hey Tenchi I just wanna say thanks for what you said and you're right...I'm black and it's hard sometimes, I wish more people would think like you. Sorry I couldn't post this earlier its because I live in the Caribbean so I'm a little slow on response...I wish you the best in life and God bless <3 I wish to find a good asian husband like you :) Fighting!

  23. tenchi... are you still with ur girlfriend? you haven't referenced her in a while. but if you are, then u got plenty of black girls who support u and ur friendships / relationships despite what ever race that person is.

    u do U homie! and keep posting videos or blogs

  24. Hi tench its Marie from Facebook. We still support you with or without YouTube. That's what real friends do. Haters are stepping stones in life. They get you higher and higher with each step. So just thank them. ( claps and cheers)

  25. mr tenchi :) I hope you're doing fine with your gf...I'm a skin- coloured too, for Asian, and racism do exist even we're the sam asian people...I found it hard at first but as time goes by, I know not all people are so into their skin color, there are a lot of good people, too..and mr tenchi, you are the best one so far that I've ever known this 21 years of my life...so thank you and I hope you're doing well with your gf, no matter whre she is from :) Jesus bless

  26. Wow this is late but i just stumbled on to your site..... i feel like this year 2013 Black Females are being set apart because of the fact that we are making it KNOWN and HEARD that we are nothing like any of the Negitives.. I'm only 17 and i understand how harsh media can be I recently had moved to a new town and it took a while for people to actually talk to me because of how some of the black females at that school were but now they know they see me different to them... This made me feel better because people are starting to see the difference :3