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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Read this my Brothers and sisters and Know!

Dear Readers,

I will attempt to open your eyes about Christianity, and it many attackers. I want to reveal Satan's tricks and his disease amongst the nation. I will try to keep it simple, and straight to the point.

Many new conspiracies are coming about. Mostly about Kemet... Saying Christianity is based off Egyptian mythology, and its irrefutable similarities. I admit, as I was researching these theories I was shocked ... very shocked. Do not be mistaken, I wasn't shocked because I believed it to be true. I was shocked because how it close it LOOKED to the truth, but leaving no room to truly explain to non-believers.
To explain and defend this "conspiracy" it would take s much understanding of Our own beliefs. The Sad reality is, most Christians today have no knowledge of the bible... they are a rifle with no bullets... While there accusers are loaded with machines -guns.

The scariest part is this. True Christianity is buried underneath hundreds of false leaders, pretenders and representatives that don't really represent us at all. False Christians involved in free-masonry, illumanti, and especially the roman catholic church. Non- believers will use them as a source to condemn all true Christian. Without even us a second look, they stereotype us thinking they represent us as a whole.

There is a saying. As much as God works, Satan is right along side with him. That is the truth ladies and gentleman. Satan is always there countering God's every move. Making human beings further and further away from the truth. Truth that is buried with false-teachings that LOOK like its the truth. My father once told me what the scariest thing is this. " Things that are false , but look more true then truth itself"

The theory of Kemet is as follows. The Egyptians came up with the story of Jesus and the resurrection ... everything that we read in the bible is somewhat correspondent to the history of kemet they say. They Say Kemet was predominately a Black race , and its the Whites who took their story and made into what we believe as now as Christianity. -Now in the eyes of non-believers, this seems so correct, and evidence seems to support this theory. Only because what they are comparing too is NOT really Christianity.

They are using pagan catholicism and labeling it as "Christianity". Pictures of Mary and Jesus was supposedly Isis and her baby. The pictures look just like the ones catholics and those who falsely represent Christianity used to draw. -REAL Christians did no such art. They never regarded Mary to be a deity, or even someone close to worship. It was the pagan beliefs of Constantine who indeed stole ideas from the Egyptians, the Babylonians, and of course Greek mythology. (among other beliefs)

The catholic church killed millions of True Christians who had the true gospel, and murdered everyone who admitted to the salvation of Christ. They burned them at the stakes, TORTURED them , and mutilated women and children. Now... was this humans that did this? By all means NO! It was SATAN. He used the very essence that was supposed to SAVE us , into a weapon to kill millions. Used the Saviour himself to send millions to hell. Satan is so clever , his actions are untraceable , to the naked eye anyways.

The Inquisition. A deadly act, not of God, but by the will of Satan. It clearly says in God's words that no man shall do the work of God. Only God does his will. But yet Satan was still there , lingering around the world to make sure people use the word of God for evil, not righteousness. God Forgave all, accepted all and gave people love and embrace. While Satan, used God words to segregate the supposedly "holier" group from the supposedly more "evil" group. But this is Not God's teaching.

Now moving on to the present. The truth has been Swallowed by hundreds of years of tyranny by King Satan like I mentioned several times above. But, now that time is at it peak. It's scary times ladies and gentleman. The truth will now be COMPLETELY swallowed. Where we will have to stand firm with no evidence on our side.

We will look like FOOLS. We won't be able to open our mouths, but only have the TRUTH inside our hearts. Truth needs NO explanation. Our God above had given us the GRACE, and MERCY to believe in what we believe in. -That we are ALL equal. That we all equally were SAVED by our Lord Jesus Christ. That his Motive is non other then to save us from our wickedness, and this world of sin! That his Purpose is to send us all to Heaven, and live in his everlasting kingdom forever!

But , now that the time is NEAR. Satan is getting restless. And using all ammunition. Bombarding the nations after nations with his teachings. Non-believers are getting more evidence to support their own beliefs... that there is no God, that there is No salvation. That there is no hell. But, There IS a Hell. And Satan and the thoughts from Satan is whats keeping you away from the simple truth of God... and He will drag you to hell along with him. Hell was Not made for humans, but for Satan... but Satan will stop at no cost to take everyone he can with him.

However do not falter my sisters and brothers in Christ. Even though The road will ONLY get harder, and the roads only Steeper. Be strong we got Jesus in our hearts to guide our ways, till the end of time.
People will no longer give you credit for what you speak. If you speak the word of our lord we will be made mockery of! And Indeed we will be segregated once again! Not of COLOR, not of RACE, But because of our Belief In our GOD. Our God is NOT from the paganistic beliefs of Egyptian. Our God is not to be mistaken as a Racist. Our God is Our father in Heaven, and hallowed by THY NAME!



  1. Whoa...thats a lot to take in. Even though I have heard bits and pieces of the Kagen theory from time to time. I never gave it too much merit, because I didn't know if there was any truth to it and I didn't want to be confused.

    We are in the last days and many things are coming to past. Yes there will be many false prophets surfacing claiming to speak the truth. This example is evident of that. That's why I believe it is so important for us to arm ourselves with Gods Word so we will know what to look for and be able to tell the difference.

    I like the paragraph where you said that "we won't be able to open our mouths, but only have the truth inside our hearts, truth needs no explanation etc... I believe that wholeheartedly. Good lesson =)

  2. wow very enlightening indeed,
    It's just somewhat difficult to distinguish who's really speaking the word of God and following his word. There are ALOT of hypocrits out there and it's just dissapointing and frustrating to know that some would go out of their way to make sure you follow the wrong path. We just have to keep God's teachings in our hearts and use it to our advantage...
    I'm only praying that others will realize the many faults that are out there and will prevent themselves from being lured in...

  3. I was born and raised a Christian, I'm glad I got out.

  4. I know I'm not supposed to be fearful ..but hearing these things always scares me.. the "end times", "life is only going to get worse", "you will be prosecuted for your beliefs" I wish that the world was all rainbows and cotton candy lol .. i just want to be in heaven already!I'm tired of this scary place! . . .
    Anyways, it seems you do a lot of research on these topics.. research the religion of Seventh-Day Adventists, and tell me what you think about it! Thanks :)

  5. DEEEEP. And yes, I remember reading about that somewhere. :) There was a video dedicated to it. I will find it and post it here.

    I like how you encourage believers. It's really important to know where you stand, and take heed lest you fall.

    I'm really proud I have someone to look up to Tenchi. :) You're an inspiration.


  6. Sounds like you're on the right path. If you are open to more spiritual truth, please visit this website. There is a lot of false religion and untruth out there, and the only way to protect yourself from it is to arm yourself with the truth.


  7. thanks for this post :]
    and thanks for the encouragement!
    one challenge from one Christian Sister to a Brother in Christ: watch your swearing!! =/

  8. thanks for writing this. it just confirmed my doubt that the Virgin Mary should be worshipped. I've always had this tiny voice inside my mind saying "Why would the satanist Vatican promote something that is true?" i kind of smelled that something is fishy. I've always thought "Why would a woman who gave birth to Jesus be worshipped?".Jesus is just another messenger from heaven. Before worshipping, think about it. We shoud not worship Jesus, but God. God created us, Jesus is just a servant of his. Society teaches alot of bad things...before you swallow an information, remember what your spiritual origins are and calculate it with your soul and mind. Eliminating false belief is a very important step, because if you don't get rid of the fake stuff,you can't live in harmony with God because you keep questioning him. That's the effect of the false teachings, they make you question God.

  9. I'm not saying we should not pay any respect to Jesus. After all, God created him and sent him on earth to suffer for our sake, so we all owe him respect. I'm just saying this because I noticed some people only worship Jesus and treat him as God...in case my previous comment was misunderstood

  10. @puakenikeni_flower22....Like the author, you have an erroneous idea of Roman Catholicism and of the Virgin Mary. Catholics do not worship the Virgin Mary but esteem her as the greatest of all creatures ever and will ever be created. Second, the reason why we esteem her is because of her powerful mediating she does to Jesus Christ who is God and whom Jesus can not deny because Her will is always the will of the son. She is the ark of the New covenant and to deny her is to deny what Jesus came to do. Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies and unfortunately, this individual has claimed to it.