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Saturday, November 20, 2010

My visit to hawaii

Dear Readers,

Hawaii... Pretty damn expensive mang! lol... Though I was expecting it, but dayum~ it really is expensive. And the food quality is off by miles... I honestly thought food would be exceptional there, However we califorians are too SPOILED. Cali + NY has the best restraunts around, thats a FACT.
I Never thought I'd get tired of the beach... but yep, it happens. The beach is about 50 feet away from where I'm living at... but often times, I don't even look at the beach as I walk right past it . Its sad really, I always thought waking up to a beach horizon would be the ideal wake up. But, nah... Like all things it becomes dull. The salty ocean breeze, and humid atmosphere. Not for me .
Can't say that about my Gf however~ I truly enjoy my time with her ! Though there are few awkward moments, and times when we share our human flaws... but overall She is a very wonderful host, and the kindest person I ever met. She always tends to my uncomfort , and does my dishes, laundry and even cleans up my clumsy messes... I'm always so thankful she does it out of love, and not JUST because. I love when we cuddle and talk quietly about whatever we want too.. and through this trip we have made so many inside jokes... from mostiquitos hanging on my cargo pants, narwals, nazi bites, war on communism on my legs and plenty more that will make NO sense to any of you all.

Also, her mother has shown me nothing but kindness ... allowing me to stay at her place , eat her food, drive her car, and even let me sleep in her daughters room. To me.. this is fuckin mind boggling. Only in hawaii is this possible?
The people here is hella awesome as well~ I met this older lady who works with My gf mother... and I talked to her for about 10 minutes~ and she liked me so much, she gave me 50 dollars so I can get myself a christmas present. How sweet is that really? Of course I ended up using it all on movie, ramen, candy and some anti-itching cream ( not for my balls! I got some nasty fire ant bite by the beach).
So far so Good~ But I have to say, there is no place like home. No matter how small, or crappy your home may be... Home is always where its at. I can take a shower in peace, go to the kitty box in peace... take as much time as you fcking want without the risk of people accidentally coming in and making a commotion. Home is always craved when I'm away for a long time.
Now that the time to go home is slowly coming my way, I don't feel regret or sorrow. But a more hopeful heart. Through this visit I feel our relationship has become that much stronger, and I know it will continue to be stronger in the near future. But , I can't wait to go home and eat some shabu shabu!! XD
Also, I feel very re-charged.. and ready to tackle some youtube video mania~ And I hope you all can give me some ideas , and support me till I get somewhere XD . take care all! and its your friend , and brother Tenchijk.


  1. Anything that you'll see too often you will most likely get tired of it unfortunately lol
    But there is no place like home thats for sure :) hopefully one day your gf could visit you in california and you could show her an awesome time!! im glad you enjoyed your stay!
    Take care of yourself! <3
    And no comment about that itch cream hahaha

  2. I know what you mean Tenchi whenever I'm away from Cali for long periods of time I get home sick I just love being at home there is really no place like it. I'm glad your enjoying your trip and spending time with your gf. I guess TLC is just what you needed... As for youtube you will find something to talk about lol you always do. ;)

  3. glad you got to visit and get away for a while. Seems like that's what you needed love. Recharged? Awesome!

  4. Aww.. this was funny and comforting to read at the same time. :P I'm glad you are having fun and enjoying yoursel. That's the most important thing. But, like you mentioned, there is no place like home.

    I live away from home as a student, but each time I come home I'm never a stranger, which is really good :P

  5. I have to go one better, add Chicago to the equation. Chicago restaurants are phenom too...lol

    Sorry Tenchi, this is gonna be super duper long so kick back and relax.

    So sounds like you had a ball in Hawaii, I'm glad :) I can't believe you're ready to come home already. If it was me they would have to drag me kicking and screaming to go home. I could only imagine those Hawaian Islands. But as the saying goes there's no place like home. Sometimes you want to get away from your surroundings and when I go to see family and friends for a few days, I enjoy being away at first then I start longing to be home. Theres nothing like having the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want and however you want it's great!

    And I'm glad that things are working out with you and your gf. You make a beautiful couple. There's no doubt in my mind that things will work out in the end for you both. Just stay dedicated to eachother and put God first and foremost in your lives and you can't go wrong.

    And don't worry I'll be here to support you in your endeavors no matter what topic you choose to do. I have a suggestion though maybe you should play your guitar more and sing songs like Bruno Mars he has nice relationship songs. And there's one that's like high up there on my top favorites it's call If...by Bread. I think is is so fitting for you two. But I dunno might be a bit sentimental for your taste. But if you do listen to the original so you can get a feel for the song. Then listen to the kereokee and guitar versions. If you can't find the original you're welcome to go on my channel it will be there.

  6. I had to post these in increments because my power keep going out and I lost saved work.

    This to address the AMBW troll issues you have been having. I think you should do whatever suits you. I know that the majority of your subs are for AMBW and they are counting on you which I know is making you feel conflicted. You are at a new plateau in your life and sometimes things just run it's course. Maybe you can compromise and touch on the subject once and a while. But you probably want to attract a broader audience. So maybe you should try different things~ Don't worry about and focus on the negative things that people say, the positive things people say out weigh the negative things anyway. And you shouldn't have to worry about what we think. Bottom line is, you get to make that choice. If God gave us free will of choice than why do we care what mere mortals think.

    And oh yeah,I just wanted to say don't turn your back on the piano all together, there's still talent there to be cultivated :)

  7. This is just a story of how I got into AMBW. It's not because I'm into Asians guys and I scope the computer for Asians uh uh, that's not the case at all. It was out of love for my daughter. I was just happy being on you tube watching music videos and a occasional movie.

    But one day she came home from Jr. High and she told me she had a crush on this Asian boy at her school. My first reaction wasn't anger or anything but a big question mark. And mind you there were like a handful if that at her school so I didn't want her to get her hopes up high. And this is an example of how the media does a number on us,they do a very good job of brainwashing. So I said your chances are slim of that happening you don't see that much of that around here. And the reason I was led to think like that is when I was growing up I wasnt' exposed to Asians when I was in school I don't remember seeing one even in high school,not until college I would see some but for the most part they minded their own business and so did I. The only one I knew of was Bruce Lee and I thought he was pretty cool.

    Fast forward...she looked at me like thanks for the encouragement. So I thought about it and then I told her if that's who you like than go for it you never know. So I would go on the internet to try and find some kind of hope for her so I saw AMBW pictures and I would show her them when she came home from school. I would see a few AMBW videos of these guys but they werent talking about anything. Then I went on one day and I saw your video but for some reason I wouldn't go to it cause I thought you would be saying the same thing. But something told me to go to it and I really liked what you had to say something with substance and you were'nt afraid to meet the issue head on. So I couldn't wait to tell my daughter so we followed you for a while until she found other interest like k-pop,which she pulled me into too. When she made me watch k-pop at first I didn't want to I couldn't tell who was who, but I stuck with it for her sake. I opened my mind and heart to it and now I know who is who and what group their in. I like their music too it's just as cool as american music. So now were learning Hangul together and doing well I might add...lol But bottom line, we bonded over something that interest her, and it keeps her out of trouble and off the streets. I think more people should get into other cultures they will be much richer for it.