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Monday, November 29, 2010

Always safe of the road

-Always safer on the road-
( temporary title) Short story. written by : TenchiJK

Rough draft, not edited. Read at your own risk :)
(So there I was staring at my bread crust looking ceiling wondering where my life had gone. I was 23 , lost in my dreams ... I slowly ushered myself up and gave a great big loser sigh.You know, the kind losers make when they run out of steam. Yea... That sigh. I was tired , hungry and most of all bored out of my mind.
I dreaded going down stairs to face my dad, who would give me the stink eye for still living under his 'damn-ouse' he would say. Thats "house" for you normal English speakers out there. Every morning I would see him sitting on the maple table top, with stacks of magazines and new papers in front. The smell of marlboro reds permeating , the mini-snauzer barking up a storm and the T.V blazin with no body watching it. My Dad always liked the random noises it made because it would be less awkward in the house.
Since I was a child, no matter what it was we would have the T.V on in the background, like ambiance or something. It was strangely comfortable, even for me. We never really talked much you see. My mother was so busy with work , and my dad too busy being a preacher it just wasn't straight in my household.
So like every other day I woke up, dressed into my pajamas , brushed my hair and proceeded to go downstairs. I noticed the Floor creaked a little , but didn't care so much and continued to walk down stairs. However as I got half way downstairs, I started to feel my senses rile up. Call it my 6th sense, I bet we have it . My nose started to feel tingly , and my spine started to shiver . It was strange , It was like I knew the future before it happened, maybe i'm physic!
Anyways, I remember my steps became much more careful knowing something was wrong Just didn't know what. My first reaction was somewhere along the lines of me getting my ass beat by my Dad, but I was wrong. So very wrong.
The T.V that always turned to comedy , sitcoms or news was nothing but white noise. Hissing at me , making my sense even more flared up. My body knew something was wrong, you'd have to have a skin made of stone not to feel this icky feeling. Shit was real i'm telling you!
The lights were on steady , and My father was no where to be found. The seat that I saw him sit every morning was empty , and the news papers were also missing in action. Subsconsciously I picked up an clothes hanger near by, hoping I can do more damage then normal to a thief or a murderer. Idiot.
"Dad...?" I said weakly. "dad.." I said again singsonging. I almost pissed myself when I saw my dad sitting on the couch. He looked asleep , and looked ever so peaceful. My heart just sank, and felt so relieved that nothing happened to him. I dropped the hanger, and I saw the reflection of my face in the mirror near by and just laughed . " ahhh you were scared!" I said pointing at myself. I started to organize some things on the table and decided to give him a blanket to keep warm. You know, what good Sons do. However As I got near I realized he looked really sick... I mean really sick. The top of his head where he doesn't have much hair was red, boiling almost with unnoticeable amount of blood coming out his pores. At first I thought it was just sweat, it must have been. But as I further examined his head I noticed it really was blood! I started to shake my father, but he wouldn't budge .
"shit...shit..." I started to panick, and decided to go online to check out some symptoms. My hands were dribbling the mouse as I tried to go online. No connection. My panicking sky rocketed and ran for the telephone. No tone. "what the hell!? what is going on!? " I ran back to check up on my dad and he was no longer there. "dad?!" I started to yell as I crumpled the items behind me . My heart was racing, and thumping , and the racing and thumping combined to form something humanly impossible. " Oh shit I saw this in a movie once, this is not good " I said to humor myself.
This whole time I realized I never looked out the window... As I hesitantly opened the front door I started to think of scenarios of what could happen. "What if I see that giant U.F.O from Independence day? "
When I opened the door, It was completely silent. The gush of wind blasted across my face which felt more like a sting then a breeze. I grabbed the hoodie behind me and cozied up as I continued to walk like I forgot what just happened with my dad. I noticed the cars were all parked outside , which was strange because every morning the cars would be gone because they would all go to work. I was more confused then scared now, curious as the monkey him self. George.
As I put my foot into the door, I heard the engine sound I was very familiar with. The Kia Sedona. The car was filled with 3 people and my friend Jay was driving the car. Immediately my fear went away and relief came about me like I went number deuces in my pants. But it wasn't for long. " Hyung , get in the car!!! Quick! lets go!" Jay said as he abruptly braked in front of me. The people behind the car looked terrified , and whimpering . And here I stood looking oblivious to whatever was happening. "dude, what the hell is going on man, my intern.." Before I the finish "internet" , jay screamed " Hyung, we don't have time for this !! trust me get in!"
I didn't hesitate anymore, I realized now something was afoot , and I could ask questions on the safety of the road. He told the people behind him to brace themselves and he punch the accelerator. The car screeched and tilted slightly as he started to pick up speed. I sat next to him in the co-poliet seat and I looked into the side mirrors. I did a double take.
"what the F-------! ??!!" I buckled my seat belts. And looked Jay straight in the eye and said, "DRIVVVVVEEE!" The Streets were empty. The Cars were empty. The building were empty. Our whole town was empty! Except for what was behind us. )


  1. Sounds like the beginning of a pretty good story, an invasion of the body snatchers type story. The cliffhanger makes me curious to see how it all unfolds...eek! lol

  2. I agree with Nema. pretty dope beginning to a good story and I'm saying this coming from a creative writing background :) looking forward to part 2... kind of made me want to write some short stories myself but I have finals to prepare for lol.

  3. Cool. Me like :D.. Hehe. Although I'm really curious about what happened to the dad. And blood coming out of the pores? Pretty good imagination :P..Only a few errors in the text (although you did mention this was only a first draft), but apart from that, really, really good. Thumbs up.

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