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Friday, November 26, 2010

Lets be Politically correct

Dear Readers,

lets be politically correct for one gat damn second. This is about Thanksgiving . To me, Thanksgiving is no different then the situation with blood diamonds. You know very well people in Africa die in the thousands so ladies can wear a shiny stone on their finger. Now, people KNOW this... and knowingly what do they continuously say?
"well, what can we do about it? It's not like its gonna change... No need to complain about it ... etc etc " How about Not fucking getting a diamond? No? Its too much of a tradition? Worried about people looking down on you because your rock is too small? I wonder how small the African kid who found that rock was? 50 pounds? 40 pounds? And you still have the nerve to wear it proudly?
What about Thanksgiving? Do you realize there are thousands of Native Americans who protest that day every year. Year after year. They cry out to the public to stop this horrendous holiday. Or At least Change it, or call it something else. Because, to them it is a reminder of death, and betrayal. Yet are they heard? No, you hear this shit right here " Lets not be politically correct and just enjoy our meals " A.K.A " Fuck it , lets just eat, ignore those bastards"
Honestly, I don't celebrate thanksgiving for that exact reason.I wonder this sometimes,What if ... It wasn't Native Americans, what if it was Asians, or blacks, or Hispanic people instead. Would we still turn a blind eye and continue to stuff our faces , while they continuously hurt inside? One Ignorant ass person once told me . " I have an Indian friend, and he says he doesn't mind ... " That motherfucker doesn't represent the whole gatdamn nation. And just because one person says it okay , it doesn't make it right.
It's like Celebrating Hitlers birthday or someshit... And people tell you , " Yo, do you know what this day is about ? That fool killed millions of people ! " They would say " Man, that was the past, This day doesn't mean that anymore" Yea? Then why decorate your whole damn house with swastikas, dress your kids up as Hitler, and some kids as Jews. Then eat as a family telling them its a time of giving , and feeling thankful ... While the Jewish family next door is furious at the German household for celebrated such a day.
If you don't see the similarity then your fucking blind. Turkeys, pilgrim hats, Indian feathers and etc etc . Telling kids today is about togetherness and thankfulness, while infact you know thats not what the day was about. The Native American Parents teach those kids differently... and are feeling offended year after year.
People say, why complain about it , we can't do nothing about it. Yes the fuck you can! Stop celebrating that Gatdamn holiday. Or Change the theme . Doing a little to change something is a hundred times better then Knowing, and still doing it like your oblivious to it.


  1. Very well written. :) There are always two sides to a story, and sometimes, instead of finding out things on their own, people choose to go with what they are told.

    Now, I admit that in this situation I actually had no knowledge about "Thanksgiving" because we don't really celebrate it over here in Europe. To us, it's and "American holiday".

    But that's so sad to have to be reminded about the past, hurt and pain. I'll perhaps skip the engagement ring and go with the ring which symbolizes marriage?

    :( Because people in the west are so terribly materialistic, people have to suffer for that fact. :( It's really sad.

    Again, well written.

  2. Whoa dude, this is a touchy subject for you...but you are terribly right, and you raise some good points.

    It's a crying shame that we as people don't take the time to truly understand whats behind these so called holidays. We have been programmed to believe that we should participate in them whether we want to or not. It's almost like you're obligated. What's the freedom in that?

    But more and more I'm beginning to dread the holidays, yet I feel guilty about it because it's all suppose to be a day of happiness and celebration... Hogwash!

    Actually I really think that it's all propaganda. All these holidays are set up for the powers that be to make more money at our expense. And they're doing a very good job of it I might add. So I don't take holidays so seriously. Because I can see the hidden agenda behind it. And they have it set up so cleverly, as soon as we're finished with one holiday their working on the next,and you know,gotta keep that money flowing. And I never shop on black friday and probably never will, because it's a joke to me, people getting up at the crack of dawn just to catch a few "deals", lined up outside in the cold until the door opens and they start running like a herd of cattle lol...it's sheer and utter madness to me and a funny sight to see :D

    I really feel bad for the native Americans though. I was watching a special on pbs and they showed how they took their land right from under their noses in a so called business deal. It just made my blood boil to see that, I don't like any kind of injustices. I bet it's so hard for them not to be pissed when they still live in America and think about the injustices that was done to them.

    But anyways I don't see the point in celebrating every holiday, like Veterans day and Memorial day that's a day of recgonition and mourning but I guess some people will find any excuse to party. And I think Mothers Day should be anyday why wait to give your mother flowers when you can do that on anyday. Just like Thanksgiving why wait on a particular day to give thanks when we can give God thanks any time, day or place. He knows our hearts. Lets look deeper into the true meaning of the holidays and stop letting the holidays rule us.

  3. Alot of people prefer walking around blinded rather than to see the truth..
    They rather prefer following the crowd rather than feeling alone in the crowd.
    The love of this world blinds them.
    Thats why God calls but a few whose eyes will be opened to certain things
    until the times comes when Jesus will return to this earth.
    Here comes the christmas holiday
    then we add santa claus to the mix..
    I know we will all have different views
    but in the bible is listed sabbaths and holy days Jesus celebrated arent those
    the ones that we should be looking at...
    I am not familiar with thanksgiving but I get your point of view.

  4. Nema, you always post great replies~ and I always enjoy your posts ^_^. Same with Mone1 ~ always good constructive comments, I love them to death ^___^ .

    And nema your so right about us programmed... BUY costumes! its Oct! Candy candy candy. Uh oh, turkey time! food food food. Uh oh its Jesus' Birthday ! Presents . presents. present. Newyears!? Drink. drink. drink.

    Not to mention movies of Holidays~ Holiday spirit! don't be like mister grouch ~ They put holidays on such a pedestal that makes me really sense somethings off about it. THEY REALLY WANT US TO CELEBRATE IT? Who wants us to celebrate it the most? Hollywood, business', our own government. So obviously there is something nasty afoot here.

  5. Thank you for saying so, Tenchi :)

    But yeah, I know right!? They won't let you have a breather. So as far as I'm concerned some adjustments and changes are going to be made. Enough is enough of this stuff.