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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

silly poem of

Random silly poem, cuz 4 people wanted it lol.

There was a cat.
he was a complete ass hat
no literally, his ass was made out of a hat
but he was no ordinary cat
he was half bat.
so naturally he had wings
made with strings packaged and sent from beijing
so this ass hat cat with his ass really made from hats
thought he was a king
with a purse on his side , he called it a sling.
but we ALL knew it was a purse.
being gay and unable to hide it was his curse.

There was a dog.
this dog was mutated with a hog.
so he was half pig.
and for rhyming sakes he wore a wig.
so this dog ,half hog who wore a wig
was also a king.
He always envied the ass cats wings.
looked on e-bay for such and things.
but came up short.
like the dog-hogs dick.
But just like a dog, he knew alot of tricks.

There was a pig-bat,
who wanted to be a cat
wanted to be a dog
but was sadden daily because he was written in this blog.
Never once thought he'd be written in a silly poem as this....
so he died . >.> yes. he died. Because i said so.

the ass cat, and dog-hog got over their differences and lived happily ever after.

Tell me this isn't the most randomiest thing you've read today.


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  1. That was a weird silly poem indeed..
    Random yes, and it sucks..
    Different,entertaining and weirdly amusing.
    Somehow it made me smile.

  2. HAHAHAHAAA!!! niiicce!! especially the ass hat cat LOL!! definetely got me tongue tiied!! :p
    These are entertaining! (^_^)
    and I REALLY appreciate these! *I really dooo*
    Continue with the poetryyy!
    encore encore haha :D

    Take Care <3

  3. ಠ_ಠ ... Yes this is the most confusing thing I read (^_^')umm yeah....*cough* Hope that *whisper* me clicking the *cough * ads* cough ... *cough* gets yah some mawney *cough cough* Lol (^_~)