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Sunday, September 26, 2010

lamest insult poem ever.

So i was at the mail store. Or whatever the hell you call those places ... AHH! postal offices . And the line was huge... and there was 3 people that just DROVE ME NUTS.

There was this FAT ass bearded guy who would talk soo much shit in line, and a OLD granny who aLSO talked so much trash, and of course the ed hardy wearing, female voiced individual.. SO I wrote a little Poem to remember them by.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
I'll punch you in the mouf
and turn your lips Blue.

Then I'll look at you true.
with my eyes so wide.
and tell you honestly your ass is too wide.
Lose some weight i'll tell ya, waving my fists
And moan and grin at the sight of your neck cists ( NASTY)
you might slap me, but fuck UUU!!

It's all them fast food you be eating.
Nasty ass, you need to get your act together!
when you walk past me , I feel like the world changed its weather
light turned into night, and if I had cows they would turns instantly into leather.
Cuz of the heat you produce.
Speaking of Produce, not fruits or veggis(which you need to eat more of),
You need acupuncture, medicine, or a shock from Zeus.
get that Food of your mind.
Go for a jogg or something... put your body to some good use.
Cuz YOu bigger then a damn moose!

Dear old lady,

What chu looking at you old HAG!
Walking around acting like you got bwebs, but you know they sag .
From here to there to Timbuktu .
Sagging like noodles stretched out ,put them back in, this ain't no ZOO!
So old and shit... your skin feels like the insides of a bamboo.
Also, lady i forgot to mention, your teeth looks like 3 midgets rowing a canoe.
sorry, small people. I'm just gonna pass through.

Dear Mister Douche,
Oh look at this GUY! Skinny jeans, ed hardys on. You know your a douche.
Your the sound a toilet makes when shit goes down, SWOOSH.
With your unconvincing straight attitude.
voice so high like we in uncomfortable altitude.
Just do us all a favor , and just come out already.
Change your name to gay hard Teddy, and get ready for the gayest adventure of all time.
Cuz you think wearing bagging jeans + white t-shirt is a fashion crime.
You should make a movie with bruce willis, call it GAY HaRD. Part 1 and two!
After that, you both should screw XD

LOL... Lame as fukk, but i dunno why I'm laughing so much ahah~ maybe the randomness of it all. Happy reading.



  1. Good to see you're back after such a long while :P.. and.... laughing is good :D... hehe...

    It's funny reading your posts, and knowing you're okay :)

  2. Wooow. I luvs it XD. *passes around to all her friends* Awesomeness should be shared.

  3. LMAOOO! how do yhu come uhp with this stuff?? lol only yhu...

  4. The first sentence cracked me up!! XD Mail store??!! hahaha
    I'm loving the insult poetry! Make moorree! lol
    Take Care <3

  5. Hahaha...I'm in stitches!!! Sounds like a comedy act. I know what you mean, you run into people like that all the time, their always talking smack and you want to tell them to just shut-up already!!

    That fat dude, I'll put him on my exercise regimen...some yoga, weight lifts, dance cardio, and walking the bike trail, that should put him on the right track.

    It's really sad that obesity is rising in the nation. Too many man made foods are out there that God did not intend for our bodies...There's a reason why God provided us with fruits, and vegetables and grains, and it's to sustain us and keep us healthy. Wow..that's how much he loves us. Man made foods with all the chemicals and preservatives are all about profiting dollars. So we Do need to choose what God has provided for us more. It could all be so simple but we make it complicated.

  6. hihihi, that's all I'm saying.

  7. Lol when I 1st read this, I could Hear you giggling throughout this whole poem X)
    I actually like it! lol
    Fav parts were: you might slap me,But Fugg UUU! lol
    and the old lady actin' like she had bewbs
    that had me crackin' up! lol 10/10

    I hate guys in skinny jeans! who in the hell started that crap!? like really! I want to know what guy started this lol and if he's straight or not. :) They are way to tight, and now guy teens use that as an excuse to not pull that shiz up on their azz.( no offense if you wear them,but if you do...SHAME ON U! keekee) maybe you should talk more about these crazy trends that we see kids going in ur vids. ;)