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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear World

Dear World,

Sometimes I feel you. But yo, some times I don't. Man, I feel like I know you. But dude why you act so cold? We have equivalent exchange don't we?You give me time, and I repay you with my death right? But, why are you so cold? To me.We have an agreement don't we? You lend me time, I live my life and pay you back with interest .

Sometimes I think I know you. Sometimes I think I know what your about, and your secrets. I feel so close to the truth sometimes, but when I get near, you seem to disappear. I don't get why you give me life, but put me in limbo...Why don't you let me move? Why is it that the sands of time is falling grain by grain, but my experiences decrease. Why is it that I breath more air as time goes on, but it doesn't fulfill my lungs?

Sometimes I do know you. Cruel, evil and wicked. Looking at me with your beady little fucked up eyes , and weird how only I can see them. oh but i see you. You stare at me with your melancholy face smiling, only to scar me from behind without me knowing. Punk. Sometimes I know you well, we've dealed in the past with things I shouldn't have. Touched. Why is it that I owe you more then I've ever borrowed? Why is it that I must pay thrice of what you've lend me.

Sometimes, I want to forget you. And in sometime I hope I will.

- No idea what I wrote, but I just wrote what I felt on the spot... hrm.. maybe it means something, maybe it doesn't. I guess there is somethings in my heart I need to clear out. I guess in this little poem, the world represents my past. The things I always wanted , such as wealth, fame and etc... However, as I live my life, I guess I started to see the imbalance. How much Effort I put into the world, but to gain nothing out of it. Limbo... I wonder why I used that word... A state of unmoving. I guess I felt trapped in this world. I have my own guesses, what is your take on it :) ?

yours truly,



  1. Wow... This could be a reflection of life, as the word "Life is a Bitch" has been pretty much used already.

    Life is packed with insecurities, doubts, failings, shortcomings, losses, misery etc. But the best is to laugh life in the face when it's making things hard, and then just have a positive outlook on life. Sometimes I wonder what people who killed themselves would've gotten if they had just held on for a little while longer. Just waited a little bit longer.

    There's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Always a brighter day at hand.

    You're an inspiration.

    Keep pressing on x

  2. And the “world” responded:

    “I’m so cold because I want to show you that life isn’t easy.
    I want you to work your ass off for your desires,
    I may not keep my word, but what I have done to you over the years,
    Will hopefully allow you to “fight me back” (I’m always starting trouble),
    Make you into a better person, have a “voice”.
    You may think you know me but I have waaayy too many tricks up my sleeve,
    It’s up to you to take those tricks,
    Not let them hold you down,
    And get the last laugh from the both of us,
    Oh and btw leave my beady little fucked up eyes alone! >:D”

    It seemed as if you’re referring to certain people or just life in general.
    At times I feel trapped as well because I wonder why people would go out of their way to bring someone down or promote hatred towards a group of people. It’s really disheartening and I don’t think my heart can take it any more :(
    But I just keep on going and try not to let anything stop me…

    People like you give me more hope in the human race and brighten my day. Thank you :)

    Take Care<3

  3. Hey, I thought you don't post on here that much, so I don't come here as much myself. I think I understand your poem but my take on it is that you don't trust the world. You give and give and you don't feel like the world is reciprocating what you put into it.

    Sometimes you trust it and sometimes you don't. You don't know how to take the world so it's hard for you to open up and trust it only to get dissapointed once again.

    I feel like that too sometimes. It's like this system is set up for you to fail. I don't want to believe that but they make it so hard for alot ot people to get ahead and it's very frustrating. It's like you're walking in place ut I try to remind myself that the world does not have the control God does. And he still answers prayers, and the reason why I say that is, he's blessed me with a new car two years ago, and a brand new apartment building.

    So Tenchi just know that anything can happen if you open your heart to it. And everything is not always as it seems.

    And oh yeah I need to tell you this,that Gospel video you did totally put some things in a different perspective for me. So many preachers always made me feel that I had to prove myself to God. And the way you put it was that all he wanted from me was to believe that's it. Don't get me wrong I always believed that Jesus Christ died for our sins. But I don't feel like I have to prove myself all the time. That was the missing piece to the puzzle. So I have a newfound respect for you. Thank you once again Tenchi :)

  4. What you wrote is publish worthy! It has depth and it's brilliant. You might as well become a writer, 'cause you're good, actually better than good. Keep it up, I can see your work being published.

  5. To be honest tenchi,I think that because we want so many things (wealth, fame and etc like you said) that we lose sight of what we actually need and also actually want,if that makes any sense. What I mean is that all these things that we aspire and in the end don't have, make us feel like we have nothing when in fact, we have just as much and could gain a lot more. I'm not saying that a person shouldn't have dreams or have goals but I think it's important to also look for personal satisfaction in terms of what we've done, have rather than not and what we could do to finally gain more which ultimately leads to happiness. I totally understand how you feel when you say you're not getting anything in return for giving so much. We put ourselves out there and give our all but get nothing in return meaning we expect to get something.But when you look at this with an unbiased perspective, that's basically doing ¨good¨ things for the wrong reasons and I'm not accusing you of being a douchebag because we all do it but these rewards we expect for our ¨generosity¨ also keep the better rewards from coming our way because were still stuck on what we don't have rather than fully understanding what it is we've done in order to achieve and get better things. I have no idea if you get it but it totally makes sense to me lol

  6. Sometimes I think you're a little crazy...but the best published works are by some of the craziest mofos out there. I like your writing style and you should be published. The things you write are universal because its open to interpretation and has a (dare I say) swagger. Forget what you heard...you have a literary future.

  7. I am not so concerned with what you poem means. Although, I could relate to the images it evoked. I have watched your utube postings and followed this link to your blog. You are a gifted individual. Your perspective your voice is influencing all of your 2 to 3 thousand plus subscibers in so many positive ways. I hope you continue to nuture and increase your gifts. The gifts that bring you satisfaction with yourself, peace. No matter what obstacles have stood or stand in your way. Despite the failures or loneliness perservere! You are young and gifted don't let your dreams go. Pursue!Pursue them!I don't know you from adam. You are a complete stranger to me. But I believe in your capacity to overcome your obstacles in this world and be victorious. Go out in the world and fight until the world surrenders! Just whatever you do be your best self and honor the gifts and talents God gave you!Yours in Christ, D :)