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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hope y'all been good with everything- I pray that you're always peaceful in the spirit , and good in the heart. I pray that your minds are refreshed, and in love with God.
I know this world can be a dark and lonely place, and I know sometimes it feels like there is no way out- as cliche as that may sound, many folks are dealing with that kinda stuff as we speak. I'm sure I talked to thousands of folks who are going through those things now.
I want you to ask God for things - He is more than willing to give you up to half the world.   God is always willing - but first make sure you are a child of his.

Because ladies and gents- if you are not his child, although he may do good deeds unto you- it will always been as to a stranger. Think of this- Imagine you have a daughter, and you go to the park with her. The lovely ice cream man comes jingling his icecream bell , and you decide to buy her a ninja turtle ice cream. Next to you however is a child that belongs to another person - She's mean to this child, and telling her, NO you don't get no dang ice cream - you fat . Or something like that.

I mean, as a parent , you might feel pity and decide to buy her one too - but think of the conflict that occurs. Will that other mother simply say - Oh thank you~ Or would she say something like " EY! Who do you think you are!"

What i'm trying to get at is this- When you choose to stay in your sins , you are the children of Lucifer - Lucifer , Satan or the Devil is not your friend - but if you are not with God, you are unfortunately with him.

So although God would want to do great things unto you- and sometimes He does - to convince you to come to him~ its not always possible. Satan is a huge blocker - that dude got no shame.

So God is always calling you , always showing you the light, and never turning it off. He waits and waits- and watches you from a far. He often sends people to you to turn you softly to him -

For example, in this scenario - The mother might not give this other girl the ice cream herself, but might send her little girl. When they are playing together, the little girl might say to her secretly- "Hey , my mommy said to share with you , here have some!"

This is essentially what God wants from us Christians - We are here to bring you over to Christ Jesus - Because He is the way and the light and most definitely the truth , and there is no way to GOD besides him. For Jesus Himself IS God.

Its really difficult to explain the gospel in this description box, and I don't know why I never used it before like this - But i'm glad I found it haha, Its pretty awesome . Its kinda like a mini blog.

Anyway Guys - God is very real. And He has always loved you , whether or not you believed him. The media pays a lot of money convincing you the opposite- They try so hard to make christians into the bad guys, using false christians to give true christians a bad name. Don't believe it.

Christians are simply those who were atheists, who has no business with God, Who went against God, who lied, who cheated, stole and killed - but one day saw themselves for who they really were.

The problem with the world is this- We are numb. We cannot feel our sins. We do them every day - but we cannot feel it, we pass it by as some sort of fluke - But our sins, in our daily lives cause the pains of millions across the world. Our lack of love , and lack of passion for the poor, the sick and the lame causes unnecessary deaths-

Do not use this as an excuse to dismiss God - "If God is all powerful , and all loving why the hate and death in the world?"

God indeed is all powerful, and all knowing- But He created this world imperfect. Imperfection comes hand in hand with Free will. Free will is a choice we have- this choice can either bring eternal life , or eternal death.

Without evil, there cannot be trials, or conflict, or error, or a choice to deny God. We most definitely have a choice to spit at God, and choose with ALL our hearts to curse him and deny him- He gave us that choice -

God invited all people into his perfect kingdom that he WILL create. That is the theme of the bible ladies and gents-

So before you dismiss God in your life - be it crazy , or insane - Pray to God for you to understand him , or to find him. If you cannot believe him now, its fine! If you think its crazy , its okay too! But the least you can do is ask "God" to give you a way to find him. And After this simple pray - And He does not allow you to find him, then He has lied-

But I guarantee , if you ask him this, He will answer you , and give you a way out.

I love you atheists - and I know sometimes we can be reallly annoying to you - and believe you me, y'all can be that way too haha- but we are both human beings, and God loves us -

The next few videos I'll make with be dedicated to you lovely folks - If anything, I want to answer most of the questions y'all have , and try to deliver them unbiasedly and with some light hearted fun. Be blessed and safe till then- Much love!



  1. This was really simple and true. Its beautiful to see someone open and honest about their relationship with God.

  2. I am a muslim and everytime i read or watch you on youtube,My faith and love for God grows even more. Our religions have so much similarities, That's why i appreciate your tolerance towards others and Thank you..You've been a good friend~Virtually~ to me since a long time .
    Thank You

  3. Lol no creeper.
    But I've read most your blogs.
    And watching you grow has been... Pleasant in a not creepy way.
    Sometimes I wish I could get a chance to talk with you.
    Just saying.