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Saturday, July 13, 2013

I awoke tired- with sounds of ringing in my ears. It reminded me of where I got it from ...

Went through my email to see the various comments and concerns people have for me.

Interesting to see all the cries - for the lord.

I've been getting a lot of arguments from Muslims, and I figured I can write my beliefs down here.

I am an Asian man - not from Arabia, or Israel. I'm from the outside, looking in - a gentile.

From what I have read from the bible-

Abraham comes from the land of Ur- supposedly Sumeria - Notorious for their idol worship, and communication with the fallen ones. They had tremendous technologies , as they bartered worship for esoteric knowledge.

From the group of Idol worshippers God chose Abraham - one particular man that was set aside for God- who did not bow down to these idols ... Or perhaps he did at one point, but repented of such things and heard the calling of God.

Either way - God called upon Abraham.

God promised him something - without condition.

God promised through him, all nations would be blessed, and that his people would be as large as the stars in the sky and numerous like the grains of the sea.

He was a chieftain. He had a wife named Sarai- but she was barren. She could not get a child.

In the back of Abraham's mind there was always the reminder of God's promise to him- thou shalt have a son ...

He waited and waited and waited... And soon his faith started to die. Doubt crept in.

Sarai was 90 - and he was 100... Although they lived much longer then, it was still way past the age of giving birth.

Even though God had promised them a child through Sarai - they could not believe.

So one day , Sarai had an idea to give her Egyptian Handmaid (servant/slave) to Abraham to lay with- to have a son, an heir , through her.

Can't really imagine how that conversation would have gone down- but Abraham laid with Hagar - the egyptian servant.

They bore a child, and he was a strong male. Abraham named him Ishmael - and had all his inheritance lined up to give to his son. But , it was not God's plan.

God's plan was through Sarai- who later became Sarah.

The lineage is VERY important- because the seed of Jesus had to come from a specific line. Jesus cannot be born out of Ishmael's line.

Sarah , just as God promised ,Got a child, even at her extremely old age. Healthy, kind and wise little boy by the name of Isaac.

Now the conflict -

Abraham raised ishmael for a long time already- he had bonded with the child. This child in the eyes of Abraham was FIT to be the leader of the camp. He was strong, and bold, and like a true Man- tough and fearless.

But that is what God despised in men.

For when a Man trust in his own abilities, they do not trust in the power of God. King Saul- Nimrod- Herod ,Cain, Esau, ishmael etc..

Isaac on the other hand , was weak - and unable, and relied on the power of God, and the leadership of God. (ie. Abel , David, joseph etc)

It was Isaac God chose - not ishmael.

Ishmael was later kicked out of the camp of Abraham- for there were rivalry between the two parties. Hagar who bore the child could no longer be a mere servant- She was raised to concubine- and started to despise her once master.

The Son of Abraham Ishmael was much older and stronger than Baby Isaac, and he abused the child - sexually some say , as an act of dominance.

Whatever tension caused the rift- they were kicked out. However, God did not abandoned them- God had a different plan for them, and promised them they would be great , and numerous , and that they would live by the sword.

Isaac eventually took over - and bore Jacob - who also had tension between his twin brother Esau .

Esau eventually joined Uncle Ishmael- and created the Arab nations we know today.

Meanwhile, Jacob bore 12 sons - very dysfunctional family- but through them was created the 12 tribes of Israel - and from the tribe of Judah- Jesus was born, who saved the whole world.

Satan works . He was diligently counterfeiting the work of God. When God does one thing, he does another-

Satan created the Roman Catholic system- he flipped the whole doctrine of God up side down.

Placed popes and priests over men- enslaving them, keeping them aways from the truth of God.

They created secret societies , and manipulated wars upon wars- famine upon famine - death upon death.

They believe THEY are the spiritual Chosen ones , not the Jews. They Believe Jerusalem belongs to the Vatican - the romans. But Jerusalem is Holy(set apart for God)-and it belongs to the Jews.

So the Roman catholic for centuries found different methods to kill the Jews -

Fast forwarding to WW2- Hitler was a roman catholic /jew.

The R.C had a program where they took half jewish boys/girls - and converted them into Romans. They were taught in monasteries to hate their own kind. Early brainwashing if you will...

Hitler was one of these creations. As we all know , this man came out of the blue - with crazy backing from Italy - and he He killed 6 million jews. (for the greater good)

But before this , something even more sinister happened.

Islam was created BY catholic priests- They created Islam through a use of a boy named Muhammad/using an already prevalent Moon god of the desert. This moon god was Allah - and he had 4 sisters. There was already a HUGE myth and lore behind this "allah" - Through the help of Roman catholic Jesuits, they were able to infiltrate this already existing religion, and change its core belief system , mixing roman beliefs into it. Muhammad used this to his advantage to take over the tribes he was desperately trying to win over. It was successful.

The Romans formulated this religion so precisely to keep the good , good, but salvation a secret - and to build extreme hatred for the Jews. The roman's originally created it to control it, as a puppet - to get rid of the Jews- Using jewish neighbors to get rid of their pest for them. However , God had a different plan.

God allowed the Arabs to grow larger and stronger than the Romans anticipated. The romans underestimated the Arabs love for God - and Although the doctrine was a bit messed up- many of God's morals were able to seep into the heart of many muslims.

God has a plan to bring everyone back to Jesus- But War is eminent- and the truth must come out.

And for this truth to come out, unfortunately many must die - This is where ww3 comes into play.

For now the two brothers fight,and kill each other- But the true enemy was the bully many hundred miles away - the romans. Once they realize this , and once the truth reveals God's chosen people, Israel - peace will return unto the two brothers. And what a formidable force that would be?

If not- all war will end at Armageddon.

But before all that - all blood bought Christian will be gone with a blink of an eye- where we will stay on the side line, while hell breaks loose on earth.

There is much to say - but for now I leave you with this.

God is one- and God has a plan for all people. He loves all, and he plans to save all his people.

It will all end well - trust in the Lord .



  1. Hi Tenchi!!

    Thanks for the interesting read ^.^ I'm just wondering what branch of Christianity you follow?? Your videos and posts have really inspired me to discover my own faith but i don't really know where to start haha :P I dont want to get caught up in a church with crazy the anti abortion/gay/condom folk and the type of Christianity you follow seems pretty peaceful, soulful and fair. Your faith has had a really positive impact on your life and it doesn't seem like you are a slave to your beliefs or hateful towards those of other religions.

    Sorry for the rant but i hope your life is going well and keep up the good work with your blog and youtube and everything
    Thankyou :)

  2. Thank you very much....I only could say thank you...God will bless you more and more Tenchi :))