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Friday, August 24, 2012

I miss you guys :/


Tenchi Jk here ^_^ .

Man.. life is so hectic these days. I've been cleaning the house , preparing to move out of this apartment to a brand new one! Woot! A new start , and fresh new start! New places to shoot my webcam yay~

Anyway :) .

Sometimes life can be so interesting. I see God working in my life , answering my every prayer, regardless of MY actions. Its so breathtaking to know God blesses my life, and treats me so wonderfully because of what Christ has done on that cross.

Don't get me wrong, I have dark days, and sad days... and days filled with worries and doubts. But those seeds don't grow roots into my heart... A farmer comes very quickly and pulls the weeds out of my life. And immediately I am faced with the sun again... the warm and good light.

Sin is a seed.

It enters our heart just like a seed. An idea. And that idea dies ,  just like how the seed dies... and it multiples, divides, and becomes a solid root inside our minds and heart. Then the Action is committed.

That is the same with Righteousness.

Jesus Being our seed. Our source of faith , grace and mercy. That idea of righteousness sparks by the holy spirit... who gives us all A thought.  The word .  Then that word multiples, and divides into many verses, and oceans of beautiful scriptures from God.

note: How wonderful is it, to look at symbols, lines and curves and to be able to speak it. Its truly amazing... This is a gift, not from Mr. Evolution.

C A T. How does that look like the animal at all? But yet, we all know its a meow meow. And how our words can create visuals... and stories, and poems... its so beautiful.


When I have a hard time... many thoughts come into my mind. Some times it brings doubt. Some times it brings sadness, and worries. And sometimes it brings anger and fear. But during those times, there is always a counter thought.

"I am so sad today" Says the Flesh.
"You are always joyful in the Lord, and he has already blessed you." Says the holy spirit.

Do I choose A or B...

some days I choose A out of weakness. And My life goes on with that first choice... a Sad day.
But when I grab the faith the lord gave me and say , I am joyful for the Lord is Joy and I am connected with the Lord. Then my day is manifested by the words that I spoke out of faith. A Good day.

So when you live your life, Say verbally what the LORD said. Not what YOU say.

When you are weak, don't say you are weak. Say you are strong, for the Lord gives strength to the weak!

Have faith in your life.

All you christian brothers and sisters reading this, be in good spirits! Be strong in God! Fight the good fight! If we die for Jesus so be it! It would be an honor to die for Christ .

I know the world is so cruel sometimes. I know it can bring you down. I know you feel abandoned and lost.

But God has always been in love with every last one of you. Loves you so dearly. He carefully orchestrated your lives... like the fake movies people watch instead of their own movie.

The Cinema that the Lord had directed from the very start.

Starts at your birth.. the star is born. Then conflict, and situations to build character. Life was written and finished and published by our Lord. Enjoy it~ Don't let these media mongers steal what you have from God. Its your freedom, and righteousness.

God has given every one of his children gifts and blessings. Do NOT bury it in the ground!

Do not let other grumpy people tell you that cannot do it.

Yes, yes... you can accomplish all things in Christ! So start with changing what you say. Confess with your mouth, God is king. God is my shepherd I shall not want. Tell yourself, God has redeemed by through Jesus Christ. Say you are Kings and queens In God's kingdom. Say you are glorious and holy by the spirit of Christ. Take the position you were meant to ALWAYS have. Which is the royalty given to us by Christ the "KING".

If the Christ say we are his friends, and his bride... we are royalty through his own blood. Don't live life missing out on that position given to us to his born again children.

There is nothing impossible, or too out of reach. If God gave you the talent, and gifts in this life, use it!

Multiple those gifts , and bring about branches that fill up your WHOLE tree. Bear good fruit for the king! And let those who eat of your fruit be filled with happiness and open heartedness. So after they have tasted your sweet fruits, preach them the Lord who have blessed you.

teach them the freedom we have in christ Jesus, our God. Tell then why God loves us, and why we must love him.

Anyway~ Those who are heavy laden, put that burden on the Lord. He has already bore them on his shoulder 2000 years ago. It is your duty is to realize what Jesus has REALLY done.. and BELIEVE, and Have sabath. Be Free, be rested .

I pray all you wonderful people well in the world. And I love you all. Take care!!


  1. Amen Amen Amen! I was praying and chose to check my blog. Look what the LORD guided me to. I am so truly thankful for him reminding me of His joy and peace. Sometimes we choose to be comfortable in our self pity and sadness. Not realizing the enemy is slithering around us in utter happiness at our choice to allow him to convince us this is how we should be. My Lord, My God I love you so very much. I choose peace, joy, love and everything you have for me which is from you. My many gifts, I will bury no more. Thank you for posting this, D! The holy spirit is always on time, huh?! Blessings to you, Lenn

  2. Hi Tenchijk!

    I'm really glad that you found God. I read through some of your latest posts. While reading I thought Hey he's going to be all right.

    I used to watch your youtube channel and read your blog way back then but stopped. But I'm glad that after so long...you've been able to have such a deep connection with God and your parents relationship sounds awesome. So God bless you on your future endeavors!


  3. don't worry BE HAPPY :D


  4. Awwwwww tenchi! You posted a picture of my cat. Silly child.